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About Us

Welcome to the homepage of "You Did what? An Oral History Podcast".  This show attempts to record interesting stories from interesting people and present them to the world.  The show is hosted by Mike and Jordan, two men from Canada who agree on almost nothing but remain the closest of friends.  


In the real world Mike's background is as a financial advisor for a number of large Canadian organizations, and Jordan trained as a Librarian.  


This series grew out of their shared enjoyment of sitting in front of the fireplace at their favourite establishment, Chaucer's Pub in London Ontario, and listening to the stories told by the older members at the table.


Both Mike and Jordan have a keen interest in the Star Trek television series and some of the episodes will feature individuals who worked on these shows who have been kind enough to agree to share their stories with us.  


Episodes are delivered periodically as the storytellers become available, and as resources allow.

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