You Did What?! is a compilation of scenarios that HR professionals are required to address on a regular basis and, therefore, provides an excellent resource for training and discussion.  The idea was first conceived by the HR Partnership Council at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta.  The Council recognized the need for this kind of tool in the classroom and commissioned this work.  The Council’s devoted support of this project has been crucial to the success and completion of this project.  I am personally thankful for all of the Council’s support in helping this project come to fruition.  Today, You Did What?! can be used in schools, in businesses, and by individuals.  It applies equally to unionized and non-unionized settings.

It is divided into several sections, each dealing with a different type of scenario.  There is no need to read the book from front to back.  Rather, you can work through the section that is most applicable to you.

In reviewing each scenario, there are three levels of questions.  These are cumulative.  If you are beginning, feel free to stop after you have answered the Beginner Level question(s).  If you want to challenge yourself further, continue to the subsequent levels.  Either way, it is important to start with the Beginner question each time.  For added challenge, each scenario can be adapted to a unionized or non-unionized setting.

As with the real HR situations that arise, there is no definitive “right” answer.  This book is written in order to drive you to use an analytical method of thinking to assess each situation.  As you go through each of the questions, it should prompt you to consider all of the factors in the scenario.  Further, we must be cognizant that case law changes over time.  An outcome that is acceptable today may not be deemed so tomorrow.  Your solution needs to balance the interests of the organization against the rights of the affected individual and in a unionized setting, balance against the rights outlined in the collective agreement.

You Did What?! will drive you to perform research and to think critically in order to answer each question and then test the validity of your response.  Your solution will need to address the instant situation and also be durable over time.  The work you will do and the thought process you will use to answer the questions in this book are not dissimilar to the steps you will take in the workplace.

I encourage you to use this book as a tool.  The field of Human Resources Management is often complex.  No two cases are identical.  As an HR professional, you will be asked to simplify situations for those you support and to give clear direction.  This book is aimed at helping you refine your ability to accomplish that task.

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